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FLAT4 original products are manufactured to answer your needs. All our products are produced with careful planning and high quality control to bring you the best of the best. Some of our items are reproduction of those parts that you can not find anymore or the rare item with difficult acquisition, etc. These reproduction series are made faithfully from the N.O.S. part and combining our experience to make it better or user friendly. Also, there are more item in FLAT4 original products line and you will see our original designed item specially made to your air cooled VW.

We recomended NEW ITEM!!

All our original engine parts are manufactured with best quality material available today.

It upgrades 15% from the conventional QUIET muffler!!

This is FLAT4's speciality! All our wheel is high in quality and look of the wheel is just perfect. Now there are BRM, Sprint Star, ENKEI/FLAT4, and 911 style to choose from.



FLAT4 has various original interior products from genuine VW style steering wheel to rose wood dressing parts.

The lineup of the roof carrier which was very excellent not only in looks but user-friendliness is carried out for every type.

New Beetle accessories from FLAT4 is available! Check it out!

Goods other than parts, such as a key case and decal, are also abundant.

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